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Trunk Stool

Trunk Stool

The hexagonal top of Trunk stool descends to a dodecagon (12-sided) base formed by precise chamfers that run vertically down the length from each point of the hexagon. The grain of the American walnut panels cause the gentle chamfer to appear a natural part of a solid trunk, but it is, in fact, a clad carcase. Designing for the exhibition Six, held at Aptos Cruz Gallery in mid-2010, Iue was not happy with the piece until he believed he had created, “something simple and timeless… something people can use for a long time”.



Achieving simplicity is the goal for Japanese-born, Adelaide-based furniture designer Takeshi Iue. Simplicity in concept, form, materiality and ultimately construction, but perhaps not process, as Iue’s design development is often a lengthy series of exacting and painstaking iterations – a necessary progression to reach a final piece that meets his high standards. Like his design process, Iue is rigorous with his development as a practitioner. He holds three design qualifications: a Bachelor of Visual Communication from the University of South Australia, a Diploma of Art (Furniture Design) from the Douglas Mawson Institute of TAFE and a two-year Furniture Studio Design Associateship from Adelaide’s JamFactory.


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